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Natural, Safe Ways To Dilate The Cervix

Many pregnant women find themselves eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new baby, only to find considerable delays in labor. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when there is a chance of having to go through a medical induction in the hospital. Luckily, there are ways to dilate the cervix and get labor moving naturally.


Even if you are experiencing a lot of very painful braxton hicks contractions, it is important to use only natural, safe methods to induce your own labor. There are some methods which could have very serious side effects and lead to health problems for yourself and/or the new baby.

Consider the best and safest ways to dilate the cervix and encourage your body to go into labor now, rather than later.

Get Intimate: You are probably not feeling like the sexiest woman ever right now, but getting intimate with your loved one could be just the trick that helps dilate your cervix. Semen hitting the cervix can result in dilation and there is some strong evidence that having an orgasm could do the same.

Nipple Stimulation: Applying heat or gently twisting the nipples can be helpful as well. Put a towel in the dryer for awhile to get it nice and hot, and then rest it over your breasts. You can also have your loved one twist and hold your nipples on a regular basis.

Exercise: Get out and walk! If you are more in shape and like to run, go out for a light jog. Any form of gentle exercise that does not hurt your stomach could be enough to push your baby downward and start opening the cervix.

This pushing down of the baby’s head is what stimulates the cervix to thin out and eventually clear the path for the baby to come out. That is why simply swinging at the park or riding an exercise bike could get the cervix to start the process of dilation.

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Acupressure points for inducing labor help the cervix dilate, speed up slow early labor, help your baby to descend, and stimulate labor contractions. Research proves that acupressure for labor is one of the best ways to naturally induce labor – in a safe and effective way!

What you want to do is encourage your cervix to dilate without harming anyone. You want to speed up the labor process without interfering too much with the process. That is why natural methods to dilate the cervix should be used over oils or chemicals that could have side effects that span the lifetime of your child.

What Not to Use: Castor oil or primrose oil is known to cause labor, but also come with some serious side effects for many women. These may be natural oils but they are not recommended for use on your own.

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